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Industry Accelerator for Healthcare with KPMG from Workday

Industry Accelerator for Healthcare with KPMG from Workday is about getting to the finish line faster. It brings together KPMG leaders from finance, supply chain, HR, and operations to develop your custom healthcare solution.

Industry Accelerator for Healthcare with KPMG is continually updated to leverage KPMG’s deep knowledge of Workday Healthcare as well as extensive healthcare industry experience. This enables us to provide insights on trends and opportunities, develop a leading-practice, holistic solution that is yours alone, and offer strategies for deploying Workday Healthcare at scale.

South Shore Health client testimonial video


My name is Mary Dolan, and I oversaw the workday implementation for us.

We had spent weeks setting up a command center at the hospital. We definitely needed to adjust and that included myself. Initially my reaction was where healthcare we show up and so when we started to think through to say okay, we’re not going to be physically in a command center. What does that look like? recognizing everybody is going to be not in the same place?

We're supporting you know business mission critical initiative so if something goes wrong how do we address that? How do we troubleshoot issues? if we need to map something out how do we do that?

When I think about the challenges right before April 1st, which was for finance and supply chain, I came to you guys, and I said I’m really nervous about supply chain. What was helpful was the ability to think a little bit creatively and just throw out ideas as a project team and with KPMG and Workday at the table to say, ‘this could work let's try it’ and then everyday kind of looking at what we had put in place and saying ‘yes that works really well’ or ‘that doesn't work so well’, and we need to potentially pull that back.

So, typically when we bring a big system live, we have success matrix or metrics outlined and we distribute that across the system or the leaders of the system saying ‘hey look at all these people that are using the system, isn't this great?’ and recognizing Covid changed our communication strategy quite a bit as we went into the implementation and so I when we when I think about that I was  expecting a much lower acceptance of the products I wasn't expecting so many people to log in on day one day two the first week if you will it was actually also a Sunday morning and i was paged and to kind of say ‘hey do you think we can get a call with KPMG?’ and I remember being like ‘I mean it's Sunday but  we can try’ and sure enough within an hour we had experts from KPMG on the phone with us just brainstorming a little bit to say how quickly could we stand up xyz. There were times where I know our payroll folks were on the calls with KPMG until hours of the morning so I think that shows the partnership that we also had or that trust to say, ‘hey do you guys have any experts and how can you help us?’ So, that was huge for us and a great partnership moment I think for us in general.