What makes us different? KPMG outcome based approach

Viktor Reznicek describes how KPMG’s service first approach affects our outcomes.

Video transcript

Eric: Hi, my name is Eric Bowie and I work for the KPMG Workday practice in the healthcare systems, we’re doing a podcast to highlight the expertise of our practice and the people within our practice that help to optimize the high level of performance that we do. Today, we have Victor Reznicek, who is our healthcare sector leader, and thanks for coming in today.

Victor: You got, glad to be here

Eric: I’m glad to have you, I want to give you some intro... kind of introduce yourself, tell the people exactly who you are what you do and I’m giving you the floor

Victor: Alright, my name is Victor Reznicek, I’ve had the privilege of leading our Workday healthcare team for the past five years… I spent most of my career 30+ years in the HR and HR technology arena helping companies get the most from HR and from their HR technology

Eric: Right, yeah, and through HR, what’s the, what do you feel is most important about you, I know you cover a large basis of things but what is the most important part you really fill

Victor: Boy… look, consulting is about customer service, we’re in the services business, the value of what we do comes back to how well we serve our clients, specifically, how well we help them achieve their goals.

Eric: right

Victor: That’s what's important, that’s what, my role is to make sure that our team is delivering our client promises and top of that list is helping our clients achieve the goals they have as a business and the goals that they have as individuals

Eric: Correct

Victor: That’s what I’m passionate about, that’s why I’m in consulting, I like to serve, and I think we as an organization hire people that share that passion.

Eric: And I want to touch on that service part… do you, is there, do you feel that it’s in line why KPMG and Workday would be the right choice for a healthcare organization. Are there factors among that of why we or you would say that we are the right choice?

Victor: Yeah, it’s a good question. Look, I’ll tell you there’s an old cliche that everybody has heard many times even though it’s a cliche I think it’s true and that is people don’t care what you know unless they know that you care, and I think that’s true. I think our success comes from a number of different factors but caring about our clients and their success is absolutely one of them. Besides that, which I think is kind of table stakes for being good in the consulting field because we’re service providers at the end of the day. You need the right track record, you need a lot of experience this is a hard job transforming an organization using technology as an enabler it’s difficult the fact that we now serve 25 healthcare clients with workday enabled transformation is a big part of our value proposition. Frankly when we started we made some mistakes, and you learn from your mistakes and we’ve honed and refined our transformation methodology our implementation methodology and it's based on more than 5 million dollars a year we spend every year on enhancing our powered enterprise leading practices up there process related or there 200 rather more than 550 processes that are leading practices, HR, finances, supply chains, 850 controls, 160 integrations that are prebuilt, so we take a lot of those lessons learnt from those 25+ implementations and we update and upgrade our core methodology, powered enterprise toolkit, and make more of our clients’ projects go smoothly and successful. Look the most important thing about that track record is not the number of clients, the most important thing about that is the number of clients that serve as references for our work. I’m extremely proud to say specifically proud of our team to say that all of our 25 healthcare clients have served as references for our work, that’s a big deal, we invite clients to speak to any of our clients former clients to hear from them directly as to what it’s like to work with us, so track record is a big deal I mean caring about our clients’ success that’s again table stakes experience through that track record is important I think the other thing that’s important is having an outcome orientation as opposed to an activity orientation when you think about others in this particular consulting space, sometimes it’s all about all here in all the things that we do, and that‘s interesting but the important question is what do those activities produce in terms of outcomes and results. So what we like to do is start with what we call our bingo cards essentially a slide that has a subset of the different accomplishments we've helped our clients achieve for example reducing their general accounting expense by 45% cutting their time to close in half cutting the days to get a nurse hired and onboarded in half so that you can see more patients generate more revenue, growing by 35% without adding anybody to the HR team, so building a scale. I keep going but those are the outcomes that we want to help our clients achieve and that’s what we’re passionate about is talking about what is the goal and then not just using the technology lever assuming that technology is some sort of a silver bullet but combining the right technology designed configuration with the right changes to the service delivery model, who does what, how does it get done in an organization the right organizational structure roles and performance metrics the right controls from a compliance perspective the right reporting dashboards and analytics so there are multiple factors that make up the recipe for a successful implementation, technology it’s just one ingredient important ingredient but just one ingredient

Eric: And, that’s a… you touched on it huge thereof the outcome based approach that we have when we come to our clients and would you say that that is a driving factor for why the 25 clients that we've touched are all references for us when we’ve done that 

Victor: Yeah, without question, look at the end of the day before a board of directors approves a multimillion dollar investment in technology they have some very important questions one of which is what’s the return, if we can't deliver on a return then our clients won’t be successful and we won’t be successful we have to we have to be able to meet our commitments and our promises to our clients and the outcomes be they financial like meeting or on our right target operational like enabling the organization to better serve its patients in people we’re related to in terms of improving the organization’s ability to attract and engage and retain talent, I mean those are the kinds of things that we’ve been able to achieve and I think we’re absolutely a part of the reason that our clients serve as references to our work and we continue to grow on this particular area