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Enable your quality organization with a truly digital and connected experience

Traditional technology platforms for managing quality operations are often siloed across various processes, resulting in reactive practices and a lack of insights to support effective, proactive operations. As a result of these disparate, custom-built, and dated systems, organizations are often stuck in a reactive state, led by unreliable and disconnected data.

Together, KPMG and Sparta bring an out-of- the-box, enterprise-grade, leading QMS that can be configured for your specific needs. With redesigned processes to meet business needs and an agile, flexible technology platform, you can drive efficiency, improve quality, achieve compliance, reduce risk, enhance decision-making, and lower cost of ownership.

Working closely with Sparta, KPMG has developed an offering designed to deliver digital quality management capabilities to life sciences companies. The quality management transformation offering from KPMG can help you design a strategy and accelerate implementation to improve efficiency and compliance.


Unlock the potential of quality management in your life sciences organization
A modern offering from KPMG and Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company

Rajesh Misra

Rajesh Misra

Principal, Life Sciences Advisory, KPMG US


Sarath Ramakrishnan

Sarath Ramakrishnan

Director, Life Sciences Advisory, KPMG US

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