Unlock quality management potential in your organization

A modern Life Sciences offering from KPMG and Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company

Rajesh Misra

Rajesh Misra

Principal, Life Sciences Advisory, KPMG US


Traditional technology platforms for managing quality operations are often siloed across various processes, resulting in reactive practices and a lack of insights to support effective, proactive operations. If you are like most organizations, your quality management system (QMS) is likely a custom-built, on-premises solution augmented by paper processes. You might also have multiple instances of the same or different platforms due to mergers and acquisitions. As a result of these disparate, custom-built, and dated systems, organizations are often stuck in a reactive state, led by unreliable and disconnected data.

So, how do you transform your quality organization, shift from a reactive state to a proactive state, become more agile, and drive value within your organization?

The answer: implement a digital and connected QMS with help from KPMG and Sparta Systems. KPMG provides the framework—based on domain knowledge and industry-leading practices—to implement TrackWise Digital®, Sparta’s next-generation, cloud-based quality management SaaS solution.

With redesigned processes to meet business needs and an agile, flexible technology platform, you can drive efficiency, improve quality, achieve compliance, reduce risk, enhance decision-making, and lower cost of ownership.

Working closely with Sparta, KPMG has developed an offering designed to deliver digital quality management capabilities to life sciences companies. With deep experience providing business transformation services to leading life sciences companies, KPMG examines current processes and then designs a target operating model to meet your business needs. Integrated services—including process redesign, program management, TrackWise Digital deployment, system testing and validation, systems integration, data migration, change management, training, and postimplementation support—enable you to achieve your goals.

Life sciences companies need modern quality management processes and systems to drive efficiency, improve quality, achieve compliance, and reduce risk. With KPMG services and TrackWise Digital, you can address challenges such as tougher compliance requirements, supply chain disruptions caused by quality issues, tighter budgets, greater product portfolio complexity, higher customer expectations, increased product quality, and patient safety. This offering—spanning quality, complaint, and supplier quality management—can help you bring safe, high-quality products to market so you can stay competitive and foster growth.