Amie Ahanchian

Managing Director, Trade & Customs


Amie Ahanchian is based in Washington, D.C., and is a licensed U.S. Customs broker and a leader in the firm’s global trade management initiative. Amie has 15 years of experience advising multinational companies on duty savings planning, global import and export compliance matters, and operational supply chain benefits.

Amie acquired her customs and trade experience assisting clients in diverse industries with the identification and realization of return on investment from global customs duty planning, including implementation of foreign trade zones, free trade agreements/preferential trade programs, first-sale for export, tariff reengineering and other savings opportunities. Most notably, Amie specializes in the identification of economic and operational benefits for companies from use of foreign-trade zones as well as zone implementation and compliance, which includes managing data relating to receiving, shipping, manufacturing, inventory accounting and value-added processes.

Amie also advised multinational companies on global import and export compliance. In the area of global trade management, Amie focuses on the development of processes, use of data analytics and deployment of technology to manage trade compliance risk throughout the supply chain.

Amie has been published in the Customs and International Trade Bar Association Newsletter, the North American Free Trade & Investment Report and in several KPMG publications. A member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones, Amie holds a JD degree from the University of Texas and a BS degree from Trinity University.


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