Carol Conjura

Partner, Income Tax & Accounting, Washington National Tax


Carol Conjura advises clients on tax planning and compliance matters involving accounting methods and periods. She also represents clients before the IRS on examination and appeals to resolve accounting method controversies.

Carol specializes in tax accounting for revenue and expenses, capitalization of costs, inventories, long-term contracts, the uniform capitalization rules, and section 199, drawing on her prior experience as an attorney for the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service, where she had principal drafting and review responsibility for regulations implementing the uniform capitalization rules, accounting for long-term contracts, and economic performance. She has led and participated in industry and subject matter coalitions on behalf of client groups before Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service on such matters as environmental remediation costs, cost capitalization for intangible and tangible property, and tax accounting for land developers and contractors.   

Prior to joining KPMG, Carol was Assistant to the Associate Chief Counsel (Domestic) with the Internal Revenue Service where she had a principal technical and policy role in the development of IRS regulations and other guidance on accounting method issues, including the definition of a method of accounting, procedures for changing methods, inventories, the uniform capitalization rules, long-term contracts, and the economic performance rules.

Carol was appointed by the AICPA Tax Section to serve as the vice chair of the Tax Accounting Committee for a one-year term, to be followed by two years as the chair. In addition, she served as chair of the Tax Accounting Committee of the American Bar Association from 2008 through 2010 and as vice chair of that Committee from 2005 through 2008, and she continues to be actively involved as a member.

She is a frequent author of articles on tax accounting issues for the Journal of Taxation, Tax Advisor, Journal of Bank Taxation, Journal of Real Estate Taxation, and other professional journals and a speaker on tax accounting issues for various professional organizations, including the American Bar Association, Bank Tax Institute, Tax Executives Institute, Federal Bar Association, NYU Institute on Taxation, and numerous other groups. Carol is also an editor of the Tax Accounting Department of the Journal of Taxation.

Carol holds a BS dgeree in accounting from the University of Virginia and JD degree from American University. 


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