Brian Higgins

Principal, Procurement & Ops, Practice Leader


Brian is a principal in KPMG’s Advisory Services practice focused on Strategy and Operations management consulting.   He has deep experience with competitive strategy and operational design and brings nearly 20 years of industry and consulting experience. 

Brian has a nine year tenure with KPMG (1996-2005), recently rejoining the firm in 2012.  Prior to rejoining KPMG, he held corporate leadership positions as Vice President of Global Supply Chain as well as Senior Vice President of Strategy for a multibillion-dollar supply chain managed services company.  In this role, he had operational responsibility for management and delivery of key supply chain areas including procurement, demand and supply planning, distribution services, optimization, and analytics.

Brian is a global supply chain strategist and practitioner delivering performance excellence in organizational, operational and financial metrics.  He has worked closely with many of the most renowned academics and supply chain companies across the globe.  He leverages his knowledge of multiple industries (discrete manufacturing, diversified industrials, consumer, retail and high tech) to identify and unlock value across complex global supply chain environments.

Brian Higgins

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