Edward Jankun

Managing Director, Co-leader, Research Credit


Ed is the co-leader of KPMG’s Southeast R&D Credits practice, which assists companies with R&D, energy and other credits and related incentives to help them leverage available R&D tax credit opportunities to enhance their tax efficiency and cash flow. 

Involved with R&D for more than 20 years, Ed has designed and directed R&D tax credit studies that have resulted in tens of thousands to millions of dollars of R&D tax benefits.

During this time, Ed has:

  • Analyzed the R&D, manufacturing, software development, and other operations and documentation systems of hundreds of businesses in a number of industries;
  • Interviewed hundreds of engineers, scientists, and software developers regarding their R&D;
  • Worked closely with IRS and state tax examiners, engineers, and Research Credit Technical Advisors;
  • Designed software and procedures to optimize the process of identifying and documenting R&D activities and costs; and
  • Made numerous presentations about R&D issues to the IRS National Office, TEI, and industry groups.

Ed has extensive experience dealing with specific issues related to R&D across a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, software, life sciences, and manufacturing.

Prior to joining KPMG, Ed served as a director for a national accounting firm, where he directed the build out of an R&D tax credit practice to support the Central, Atlantic, and Southeast regions. Prior to that, Ed assisted in the build out of specialty practices at other firms including another Big Four firm.

Edward Jankun

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