Joseph F. Kuehn Jr.

Partner, Healthcare Advisory


Joe has been working in the Healthcare Industry for over thirty years, helping clients with their strategy, and business transformation initiatives in response to regulatory and market driven reform. As a Partner in KPMG’s Healthcare Solutions Practice, and our Financial Operations and Planning Solutions Leader, Joe has the pleasure of working with clients across the country, provider and payor, as they tackle the challenges that the healthcare industry presents today.

It’s a good time to be in healthcare. The transformation taking place, and innovative approaches to developing new Target Operating Models (TOMs) is breathing new life into the industry, and will aid in helping to achieve the Triple Aim. To get to this “new normal” state, however requires a new way of thinking, an appropriate infrastructure, organization and processes. In other words, a new and or enhanced TOM. Joe helps his clients in developing their Strategy and Vision and implement a sustainable future operating model. He helps his clients as they transition to Value Based Care operating and business models that can manage alternative payment terms, and migrate away from traditional Fee for Service arrangements. With the advent of new cloud solutions, intelligent automation, and machine learning technologies, healthcare organizations can benefit from “extreme automation” techniques to provide the required insights into the total cost of care, and monitor performance against established cost, quality and outcome metrics. Joe works to help ensure proper integration of these techniques and technologies to help his clients enable future success.

Joe is a member of the AICPA and a regular speaker at various Healthcare Financial Management Association and other industry conferences. 

Specialties: Technology Enabled Finance Transformation, Operations Improvement, Healthcare Transformation, Accountable Care, Financial and Strategic Planning, Spend Management, Risk Management, Accounting and Auditing

Joseph F. Kuehn, Jr.

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