Clarissa Potter

Principal, Corporate Group, Washington National Tax


Clarissa Potter has more than 25 years of experience in federal income tax, including in the government and in the private sector, with particular focus on international tax issues and financial institutions and products. She has extensive background in restructuring international businesses, foreign tax credit planning, domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing issues, and tax policy.

Before joining KPMG, she was Deputy Director of Tax and Head of Global Tax Strategy at American International Group, Inc., where she directed a globally integrated tax strategy and transfer pricing group a time of significant change.

Clarissa previously served with the IRS, including as Deputy Chief Counsel (Technical) and Acting Chief Counsel. She led the IRS Chief Counsel’s Office during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, martialing IRS resources to respond to constant challenges and working with all parts of the U.S. executive and legislative branches to help protect the U.S. economy.

Clarissa has been a speaker on a broad array of federal income tax topics at numerous conferences and seminars, including at the American Bar Association Section of Taxation, the Tax Executives Institute, and the Practicing Law Institute. In addition, Clarissa serves as vice-chair of the Advisory Committee for the Miami University of Ohio Pre-law Program.

Clarissa has an AB degree from Miami University and a JD degree from Yale Law School. She is a member of the New York Bar Association and the American Bar Association.


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