Diana F. Smith

Senior Manager, Income Franchise Tax


Diana is a certified public accountant (CPA) with experience in tax compliance and consulting. Since 2008, Diana has worked for KPMG, the international accountancy and consulting firm. In her career at KPMG, she has worked with both publicly and privately held clients in the financial, telecommunications, consumer products, manufacturing, and service sectors. 

Diana has worked on tax compliance, tax provisions, and tax consulting for a variety of federal, state, and local tax engagements. Diana has calculated and reviewed tax provisions, effective rates, and uncertain tax positions according to generally accepted accounting principles for inclusion in audited financial statements. Working with KPMG's State and Local Tax group, Diana has researched and written memos and matrices dealing with such state and local tax topics as nexus, apportionment, federal conformity, combined/unitary filing methods, and sales tax exemptions.

Diana F. Smith

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