Responsible leadership begins with purpose

Being able to attend college is not something Milford McGuirt takes lightly. And his father made sure he understood that every chance he got. As a Managing Partner in KPMG’s Atlanta office now, Milford recognizes how critical those principles were in shaping his approach to life. “My work drives me. And it all started with the opportunity of education – and making the most of it,” he says.

Ever since ensuring every child has the same opportunity as himself has been important for Milford. So, he decided that the most authentic and tangible way to make a difference would be by joining nonprofit boards. “Success takes hard work, it takes grit. But it also requires mentorships, partnerships, access to the same opportunities and the right policies. By joining these boards, I can use my skills and knowledge to influence better outcomes – and show my team members what responsible leadership looks like today,” he adds.

To date, Milford has served on 8 boards, including the KPMG Foundation, all focused on advancing community wellbeing including education reform, jobs, access to transportation, and youth education through the arts. He knows his millennial team members are, rightfully so, watching.

That is, watching for him – and leaders like him – to demonstrate purposeful leadership. “We have to demonstrate our purpose through every decision we make at work and how we are doing everything we can as professionals, community members, and leaders to make our societies better. We have to go a notch deeper. We have to behave responsibly every single day,” he explains.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the heart.