This is who we are

As the first day of the 2018 Leadership Insights Summit came to a close, the 220 KPMG professionals were asked to join a special event. As they made their way out of the ballroom, they were welcomed by 200 students from the Central Orlando Boys & Girls Club. The event: A Passport for Literacy event for KPMG team members to engage with the children on building their math and English skills.

Role models need to look like us

“We wanted to have a component where our people got to interact with the community. For these kids, seeing successful role models that look like them is critical,” says Aubrey Harrell, an audit partner in KPMG’s Atlanta office and Chair of the African American Network (AAN).”

“Engaging with young learners is a key component for us at AAN. We want to do everything we can to develop a diverse talent pipeline. Lifelong learning plays a critical role in that – and giving back this way has been important for our network,” offers Kevin Jordan, director of KPMG’s Inclusion and Diversity team and an AAN member, adding, “I didn’t know much about accounting growing up. Exposing children to these career options helps them see what’s possible.”

Besides, they could tell the team members enjoyed interacting with the kids. Aubrey shared, “The students provided an equally fulfilling experience for our KPMG folks with their questions, enthusiasm and just a real thirst for mentors.”

“This is who we are”

The event lasted two hours but left an undeniable impression on the participants. “You could tell how much fun everyone was having. Despite the academic components, it was just…fun!” says Kevin. At the end of the day, for both Kevin and Aubrey, this event, is a microcosm of the firm. “This is who we are at KPMG. This is how we show up inside and outside the firm.”

What’s next?

Much more focus on combining forces with other Business Resource Groups.  “We want to sustain our communities. This is who we are – and how we will continue to grow our Citizenship efforts,” ends Kevin.