When problem solving starts early

For Jeni Smith, a senior audit manager in the St. Louis office, Enactus was a key part of her time at Truman State University. “It’s where I learned how to be an effective leader and how to apply classroom concepts into the local community. It taught me how gratifying it is to help my community by creating sustainable projects that truly improve the lives of others,” she says.

Jeni joined Enactus as a freshman and continued to participate right up until graduation. Her story represents the hundreds of students we have mobilized to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills necessary for socially responsible business leadership. In a partnership with Enactus that has spanned over two decades, this work with college students around the country is a key part of our Lifelong Learning Continuum – and a commitment to mentoring and developing the next generation of problem solvers.

In a happy twist of fate, Jeni’s husband is also an Enactus alumnus, making it extra special for the two to participate in the annual competition where they both serve as judges. According to her – and countless other Enactus alumni – the program does much more than connect students with community service; it helps instill crucial skills such as problem solving, multitasking and taking a multi-dimensional approach to addressing social and economic issues. We are fortunate to have more than 100 Enactus alums working with us today. We’ve seen firsthand how nurturing these skills helps develop phenomenal leaders. Take a look at Jeni’s journey.