KPMG Harnessing the Power of ESG

KPMG Harnessing the Power of ESG is a podcast series that explores ESG related topics and trends.

Enhance trust. Mitigate risk. Create value. ESG has the power to transform your business as you build a sustainable future. KPMG Harness the Power of ESG brings you topics related to the challenges and opportunities existing in the ESG space, with thought leadership and insights into current ESG related topics such as Decarbonization, Climate Resiliency, Financial Value and more.

Tax and ESG Podcast series

KPMG ESG has developed this podcast series to explore the critical role that tax plays in a company’s ESG strategy. Topics in this series will provide a thorough understanding of how tax strategy, leadership, governance, and transparency fit into a company’s ESG initiatives and decisions. With insights from our subject matter leaders, we'll explore how companies are managing tax risk, preparing for tax transparency, addressing sustainable finance considerations, and implementing tax ESG due diligence for transactions.

We hope you find these sessions helpful as you establish the path of your tax and ESG journey.

Tax Transparency

December 21, 2022

In this episode, leaders from the KPMG Tax ESG practice discuss the role of tax transparency in a company’s overall ESG journey.

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