Beyond Election 2020 Update

Webcast overview

In early November, we had new insights that helped inform the trajectory of growth in the U.S. economy, including new data on the third-quarter GDP and the October jobs report. In the ever-changing operating environment brought about by COVID-19, companies will need to understand what the economic and political landscape could mean for their business.

Please listen to the webcast replay, KPMG Beyond Election 2020 Update, where we explore these and other key developments.

The virtual forum was moderated by Carl Carande, U.S. vice chair & KPMG global head of Advisory. Constance Hunter, KPMG chief economist, presented a global economic overview covering the impact of COVID-19 and the election on the economic landscape. Jennifer Acuña, KPMG principal in Washington National Tax's Federal Legislative & Regulatory Services, presented a pulse check on potential tax policy changes.

Attendees will not receive CPE credit for listening to the replay.


Carl Carande

Carl Carande

U.S. Vice Chair and KPMG Global Head of Advisory, KPMG LLP

Constance L  Hunter

Constance L Hunter

Principal and Chief Economist, KPMG US

Jennifer Acuna

Jennifer Acuna

Principal, Federal Legislative & Regulatory Services, KPMG US