Ransomware and incident response preparedness

Webcast overview

After months and weeks of tension, the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine has elevated concerns for cyber security incidents and the resilience of critical business functions. Beyond protecting their employees and supporting the people of Ukraine, international businesses are also assessing their exposure and vulnerability to cyber incidents, technology disruption, and related impacts and resilience of critical services. While there is significant uncertainty around the Russia-Ukraine war and associated actions, including their duration, the lasting nature of their impacts, or their reach, there are some things we all should consider as we evaluate our level of cyber security preparedness.

Please join us for a webcast on April 6th where we will be sharing insights on how to build a resilient ransomware strategy as well as ways to enhance your overall incident response plan.

Featured Speakers

Rik Parker

Rik Parker

Principal, Cyber Security Services, KPMG LLP

Joined by Michael Zeiger, AdvIntel principal and threat intelligence researcher