Navigating the pandemic: the CEO perspective

Hear how three CEOs led their organizations through a period of vast change and uncertainty.

A Privately Speaking podcast from KPMG Private Enterprise

Podcast overview

In this episode, listen to host and KPMG Audit partner Erika Whitmore talk with Jay Albanese, CEO of Centric Digital and Member of Lightening Capital; Lauren Boyer, CEO of Underscore Marketing; and Tony Smith, CEO of Restaurant365, as they discuss:

  • The business challenges and opportunities presented through the pandemic
  • The QuantumShift program and how they leveraged learnings from the program to navigate the last 18 months

The game is shifting

Business leaders witness first-hand the profound change occurring in today’s dynamic business environment.

Your passion and vision served to lead you through these challenges and helped you seize the opportunities. Now you’ve reached a pivot point where you want to raise the bar and change the game.

To you, we offer QuantumShift, an exclusive program where you access the latest actionable perspectives from the world's leading business minds while engaging with trusted peers who share their experience, expertise, and insight to help you shift your business to the next level.

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Erika R. Whitmore

Erika R. Whitmore

Partner, Boulder Office Leader, KPMG US