Alternative funding sources for private companies

Explore alternative funding sources available for high growth companies.

A Privately Speaking podcast from KPMG Private Enterprise

Podcast overview

In this new business environment, high growth companies are constantly adapting. And in order to adapt, scale, and grow, companies need capital. What should growing companies be thinking about during volatile financial markets? What kind of alternative funding sources are available?
Listen to this episode of Privately Speaking where host and KPMG Audit partner Erika Whitmore and Mike Rudolph, Managing Director, KPMG Corporate Finance discuss:

  • What liquidity looks like in the current environment
  • Alternative funding sources available for high growth companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) outlook for the remainder of 2022


Erika R. Whitmore

Erika R. Whitmore

Partner, Boulder Office Leader, KPMG US

Mike Rudolph

Mike Rudolph

Managing Director, Corporate Finance, KPMG US