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KPMG is ready to help you understand regulatory changes, anticipate government policies and their implications, and prepare for the projected recovery of the global economy. Navigate your future with confidence.  

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An incoming Biden Administration and the uncertainty of the Senate outcome may impact businesses as they continue to face economic uncertainty and disruption. Companies will need to detect and understand any potential changes in the regulatory environment to follow.

During these fluid times, KPMG is ready to help your organization understand regulatory changes, anticipate government policy implications, and respond to evolving economic conditions.

Read more insights here on potential regulatory, tax, and trade policy impacts of Election 2020. 

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How will the economic landscape change?

Companies must analyze market signals and detect changes to prepare for a projected economic recovery and a shifting business landscape. Review the latest KPMG analysis below.

Ruff going for GDP: What can be seen from the latest data?

The KPMG Office of the Chief Economist analyzes potential scenarios of recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

“The pandemic is both a supply shock and a demand shock with the demand shock dominating economic activity.”

- KPMG Chief Economist Constance Hunter

The KPMG Office of the Chief Economist continues monitoring key developments in this unprecedented situation and refinements to the economic model occur daily.  

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Have you considered potential Election 2020 tax implications?

Scenario planning for different potential outcomes is crucial to helping businesses navigate changes in tax policies. Stay updated on the latest tax considerations and key developments as you plan for Election 2020 outcomes.

Future of Tax Agenda

Based on election results so far

Biden Tax Plan

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Catching Up on Capitol Hill

Discussions about business taxation

How do I address policy issues most critical to my industry?

As changes in regulatory and government policies occur, understanding their implications for your sector can help your business navigate the future with confidence. Get the latest KPMG insights on regulatory and policy trends in your industry.


KPMG’s Center for Healthcare Regulatory Insight assesses regulatory and policy trends driving healthcare transformation and industry convergence.

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