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Economic Outlook: Riding the COVID-Coaster

KPMG reviews the path for the economy from the impact of COVID-19.  

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Looking at the effects of COVID-19 and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges across the business landscape and is forcing companies to redefine how they conduct business. As you look across your organization, there are key departmental areas that will need a short-term plan and a long-term vision. This content is designed to help you think through your current business challenges. As always, we are here to help.



The global spread of COVID-19 is redefining how people work, causing ripple effects through the supply chain, and raising the stakes on technology systems. The state of business as we know it has been altered completely. Working together, we can help your businesses strengthen critical operational areas—human resources, supply chain and technology —to manage the unknown and be ready for what the future may bring.

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Steve Chase

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People and work

COVID-19 has forced a rapid increase in virtual work and increased talent risk for organizations of all kinds. As businesses adapt to this new way of working, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead?



COVID-19: People and work insights

Managing talent risk in times of uncertainty


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Supply chain

Around the world, one of the most significant business implications of the COVID-19 pandemic is global supply chain disruption

warehouse supply chain


COVID-19: Supply chain insights

Managing through the current crisis and transforming global supply chains to be more resilient to future disruptions.

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Business continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond will depend in large part on your IT capabilities. We share key areas of focus for technology leaders in these changing times.



COVID-19: Technology insights

Key areas of focus for technology leaders in these changing times. 

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