COVID-19: Supply chain 

Perspectives on building more resilient global supply chains

Around the world, one of the most significant business implications of the COVID-19 pandemic is global supply chain disruption. Get KPMG’s insights on managing through the current crisis and transforming global supply chains to be more resilient to future disruptions.


Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Leader, KPMG US

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Featured insights 

Micro supply chains

Demand for variety and customization is exploding, adding huge complexity and cost to supply chains. Read this article to learn ways to identify and deliver value to profitable customer segments at an appropriate cost and compete more effectively.

Supply chain’s new world order

COVID-19 has forced enterprises to pivot their supply chain operations sharply. Could such seismic disruption have been anticipated? Why are today’s supply chain structures vulnerable? What role does economic nationalism play? Learn about a new model for supply chain competencies for times of radical uncertainty.