IPO Insights Q2 2020

An overview of the key findings from the Q2’20 IPO Insights report

Conor Moore

Conor Moore

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Q2 2020 Highlights

  • While slow to start this quarter, the IPO window blew open in early June with 28 new offerings, representing 75% of the quarter’s total deals. 
  • Healthcare listings made up two-thirds of the quarter’s activity, with technology accounting for 18 percent.
  • Many growth companies are reassessing their costs and finding their path to profitability has shortened, potentially bringing them closer to an IPO than originally thought.
  • Given the recent level of activity, we expect IPO activity to continue strongly in the third quarter ahead of the U.S. presidential election.
IPO Insights Q2 2020
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Having taken pause for a few months, investors now feel they have a better idea of which types of companies will survive and possibly even thrive through the pandemic and beyond. Given the strong returns enjoyed by stocks such as ZoomInfo Technologies and Vroom, it seems investors are still willing to invest into growth companies that can demonstrate a clear path to profitability through the pandemic.
Conor Moore, Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise

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