Public Investment Management: Change is coming

How will businesses manage valuation and accounting risks due to COVID-19?

Sean McKee

Sean McKee

Partner, Audit, KPMG US

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The impacts of COVID-19 and the resulting financial challenges in the capital markets are adding significant complexity and risk to investment management valuation policies and procedures. Sean McKee, National Practice Leader for Public Investment Management, describes how KPMG’s combination of knowledge, insights and technology can help organizations increase the depth and speed of today’s response and prepare to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Video transcript

Hello, I'm Sean McKee, the national leader of our Public Investment Management practice, and on behalf of KPMG's professionals I want you to know that we are wishing you and your loved ones the best during these challenging times. I also wanted to share that we are currently engaged with your organizations, whether through our ongoing audit and tax services, or navigating governmental relief, or providing guidance with respect to the challenges created by the current capital markets.

With respect to the valuation of investments, we have skilled professionals to assist our leadership on the task force that offered the AICPA's recently released "Accounting Evaluation Guide" which allows us to provide deep insight about valuation issues you may currently be experiencing. We are also thinking about the future and how we can best help your organization realize the opportunities available while managing potential risks... inevitable change will come.  We have focused our efforts in areas where we have deep talent and experience that are fundamental to how you will operate and interact with regulators, stakeholders, and your customers.

Our services are enabled by our extensive data and analytics capabilities. We understand that advantage will come to those who quickly and meaningfully identify and seize the opportunities available to them while managing risk.  We are committed to being there for you to identify both the opportunities and the challenges, and help you increase the depth and speed of your response. 

We will be in touch, but in the meantime if there is anything we can do to assist you and your organization, please don't hesitate to contact me or our KPMG professionals.

Thanks for your time, and our best wishes of health and wellness to your family and loved ones.



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