Getting back to work safely

Explore practical approaches to plan and execute a safe reopening for your private company.

Conor Moore

Conor Moore

Partner, National Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG US

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As governments start to unlock their economies and businesses start to reopen, safety is on everybody’s minds—employers, employees, and customers. Yet many business leaders are struggling to understand what “safe” actually looks like for their people and customers. The answer is not always straight-forward. That is why, in this edition of Privately Speaking, we offer some practical approaches to help private companies plan and execute a safer reopening. Now is the time to prepare.

Creating and executing a smart and safe return-to-work program isn’t easy. It requires strong analytics and a good understanding of health policy implications and business processes. More than anything, it requires leadership and employees to be fully engaged in the effort to create a safe workplace for all.
– Conor Moore, National Leader, KPMG Private Enterprise, KPMG LLP

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Privately Speaking tackles the issues that privately-held entities, including private equity- and venture capital-backed companies, care about most. In each edition, we share insights, as well as practical, actionable tips to help boards and executive management grow, strengthen, and transition their privately-held businesses.

Whether your company is starting out and growing or strengthening and transitioning, this series promises to explore ways to help companies be successful at any stage of the business lifecycle.

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Privately Speaking Series

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