Restarting America:
Technology beyond a checklist

"The choices made now about how, when and under what conditions to restart will create clear differentiation. Those that get it right will have a strong advantage."

—Steve Chase, Head of Consulting, KPMG LLP


Reopen with confidence using digital tools

Checklists are great, but no checklist will eliminate COVID-19 threats that can delay the safe reopening of your organization or workplace. No checklist could capture all of the dynamic policy changes or fast-paced developments present in today’s uncharted business environment.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) can help you safely return to the workplace and manage your unique risks and challenges. Using our latest technology solutions and in-depth understanding of your industry processes, we can help customize an agile reopening plan that incorporates federal, state and local public policy and adjusts to your organizational nuances. Working together, we become stronger.


Are your employees ready to go back to work?

Take a virtual tour of our framework that could help you to help your employees make more informed return-to-work and travel decisions. Highlights include calculations based on personal risk estimates and community threat levels.


This sample data is for demonstrative purposes only. 

Get back to the workplace using real-time data and digital tools

We help you find answers your employees need in order to return to the workplace with more confidence. Using a human-centric approach and automation, our customizable dashboards empower you to make better decisions based on the most current information available.


This site outlines initial considerations meriting further consultation with life sciences organizations, healthcare organizations, clinicians, and legal advisors to explore feasibility and risks. 


Watch the work pass app video

See a walkthrough of a work pass app that helps employers design a better return to work. 


Take the next step

For a successful restart, your business may need to identify and address challenges related to:



Download our white paper on how employers can effectively reopen business

Restarting America—Practical guide for employers (PDF)
An adaptable, risk-based approach to opening businesses


KPMG can help you:

  • Develop a clear, agile and precise restart plan    
  • Collect real-time data on current business and industry risk factors
  • Track resources and paperwork with the latest digital tools
  • Assess COVID-19’s impact on state and local economic sectors
  • Comply with applicable federal, state and local public policies
  • Find programs and policies to address identified negative impacts



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