Restarting America: Getting back to work

A risk-based approach and digital toolkit to get employees back to the workplace

Atif Zaim

Atif Zaim

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Paul Hencoski

Paul Hencoski

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

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It’s time.

Employers are looking to bring employees back to the workplace.

But how do you do that? How do you know which employees can return and when? What changes do you need to make to your workspaces? And how do you ensure precision and clarity? Do you have protocols to manage employee health, contact tracing, testing and planning for vaccine management?

To find the answers you need a dynamic risk-based framework supported by technology, informed by public policy, guided by legal counsel and trusted medical information. It will involve frequent communication. Smart use of technology for accuracy. And new digital tools.

Any approach should be human-centric, use automation for constancy and accuracy and be supported by a digital toolkit.

Explore how to help your organization implement an effective return-to-work program. 

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