Restarting America: Getting back to work safely

A risk-based approach and digital toolkit to get employees back to the workplace

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Taking the next step

Organizations have met the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now’s the time for employers to plan a safe return to work. As quarantine measures begin to ease, companies know it’s vital to begin reopening their doors to bring their employees back to the workplace. But how do you do that safely and efficiently?

What’s needed is a dynamic risk-based framework that continues to manage the threat posed by COVID-19—one supported by technology and informed by public policy, as well as medical and health guidance. You’ll need to determine which employees can return and when. You will likely need to make changes to your workplace, enable new digital tools, and create new relationships with healthcare providers, all the while imposing an agile governance that ensures precision and clarity.

The decisions will involve emerging technology, access to data, live tools to analyze the information, and change management initiatives. These steps will be transformative and affect your entire organization. But they are a necessary part of the “new reality.”

Here you’ll find resources that can help your organization implement a safe and effective return-to-work program. 

Restarting America—Practical guide for employers (PDF)
An adaptable, risk-based approach to opening businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

A safer return to work, enabled by KPMG frameworks and technologies 

Our people-centered approach and digital tools help employees get back to business safely.

A human-centric focus

In the current environment, people are anxious and have more questions than answers. Conflicting news reports only add to the confusion. In communicating with your employees, the more specific and relevant you can make your advice and recommendations, the more secure they will feel.


Automation for consistency and accuracy

Getting your employees back to work safely will require decisions based on a host of checklists, guidelines, and frameworks. Manual tracking, with pen and paper, runs the risk of inconsistencies and inefficiencies. Technology can shorten the time needed to assess your situation, while reducing potential errors.

A solution toolkit

You want to keep your employees safe. For now, widespread testing isn’t yet readily available in the U.S. And contact tracing is focused on curbing COVID-19 spread only after it’s been identified. A combination of digital solutions and risk framework can provide your employees with the tools they need to avoid risky situations to begin with.

Use data to evaluate local risks 

KPMG technology solutions provide real-time data in readable and customizable dashboard formats, empowering you to make the decisions to keep your people safe.

Sample data for demonstrative purposes only


This site outlines initial considerations meriting further consultation with Life Sciences organizations, Healthcare organizations, and Clinicians to explore feasibility and risks. 



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This site outlines initial considerations meriting further consultation with Life Sciences organizations, Healthcare organizations, and Clinicians to explore feasibility and risks.