Virtual presentation guidelines

Making your videoconference or teleconference memorable and effective

Mark Cornwell

Mark Cornwell

Managing Director, KPMG US

+1 415-963-5172

As you prepare for client presentations as part of your opportunity generation and pursuit efforts, it’s important to tailor your delivery to the shorter attention spans and other unique characteristics of a virtual environment. In this video webcast, Strategic Pursuits Managing Director, Mark Cornwell, shares some of his best practices for Virtual Selling to help you improve giving presentations of any kind in a virtual world.

Below are three tips Mark suggests will aide in a successful virtual presentation:

  1. Connect with the individual. Share something personal to connect with your audience – a story or anecdote – to grab their attention. That personal connection is vital, even more so in a virtual environment.
  2. Speak in headlines. Talk in headlines so that you clearly signal the main information and keep their attention, especially if you’re talking to a larger group.
  3. Use imagery. Get comfortable telling a story or sharing an anecdote. You want to paint a mental picture of your key points. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a PowerPoint with a strong enough visual to help people connect the dots and keep the conversation moving forward.

These small things will put you in a more comfortable state of mind so you can really feel like you’re being natural and authentic when you show up for your client, consumer, or colleagues, while keeping the presentation – the two-way aspects of the interaction – alive.


Tips for Making an Impact on Virtual Conferences
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