Webcast-Software companies: Managing through market disruption and beyond

Road to New Reality – How to protect revenue and focus on innovation in a time of COVID-19.

Per Edin

Per Edin

Principal, TMT Strategy, KPMG US

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COVID-19 has caused rapid, unprecedented and uneven impacts to software businesses, with some experiencing significant revenue declines while others benefit from material tailwinds. What is true for everyone, however, is that economic uncertainty remains elevated, and companies need to respond to changing customer needs and business conditions. Understanding how to navigate the impacts will help software companies to reemerge stronger than before.

In this webcast, KPMG LLP subject matter specialists discussed competencies that software and SaaS organizations must embrace as they transform to position themselves to be resilient in the face of future threats and disruptions.

The speakers specifically looked at:

  • A  review of what software and SaaS companies have done in response to the disruption
  • Appropriately accounting for risk in the business via processes and partner ecosystem
  • Taking advantage of M&A opportunities to maintain an innovation edge
  • Six due diligence techniques companies should lean into as a result of COVID-19
  • Capturing growth opportunities from changing customer needs that emerge as part of the 'new reality'

Webcast replay

Watch a recording of the webcast held on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.


Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

Managing Director, TMT Strategy, KPMG US

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Chad Seiler

Chad Seiler

Partner, Advisory, KPMG, LLP

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Mihir Jobalia

Mihir Jobalia

Managing Director, Technology Investment Banking, KPMG US

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Parth Jhaveri

Parth Jhaveri

Managing Director, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk, KPMG US

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