KPMG and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) technology collaboration

New application elevates tournament health and safety protocols

Shawn Quill

Shawn Quill

National Sports Industry Leader, KPMG US

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Martin Sokalski

Martin Sokalski

Principal, Advisory, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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Supporting the WTA’s longstanding leadership role in sports science and innovation KPMG has helped create a digital platform that will aggregate and analyze player and tour data to power greater individualized insights for optimal player performance, while minimizing illness and injury.

Jointly designed by the WTA and KPMG, the WTA Health & Safety Connect application applies AI and machine learning to decades of historic athlete care and research, while incorporating current data and scientific intelligence, in order to uncover key medical and business insights that lead to informed health and safety decisions moving forward.

The platform also uniquely addresses an increasingly pivotal requirement to analyze data withing the context of evolving health and safety needs. On variables ranging from real-time vaccination status and heat index or air quality conditions, to fatigue and illness prevention and recovery or mental health resources, the app will help ensure the WTA ecosystem has access to relevant safety support tools.

Ultimately, KPMG’s state of the art innovation capabilities across data science, modern architectures, and emerging technologies supported the WTA’s goal of ensuring the health and safety of their players today while enabling a foundation for the capabilities of tomorrow.

The press release announcing this exciting collaboration is available here.


Introducing WTA Health & Safety Connect powered by KPMG