Uncovering hidden value in oil and gas maintenance programs

Improve ROI, lower costs, and increase reliability with data analytics

In a historically challenging business environment, oil and gas operators need to identify incremental margin improvements. Amid shifting market dynamics, they also need new ways of working. Another round of belt-tightening won’t be enough. It’s time to rethink traditional ways of operating – and leverage technology and data to reduce operating costs. It’s time for a closer look at asset maintenance.  

Pulling the usual levers won’t deliver the needed impact

Maintenance programs remain one of the last areas aggressively optimized for cost due to several misconceptions. Discover the realities of how advanced analytics can help pinpoint unnecessary spend and allocate limited budget to activities with the greatest impact on the bottom line.

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In our full report, we discuss how you can reduce cost and improve production by rethinking your approach to asset maintenance.

How KPMG can help

KPMG has developed a set of tools and a methodology to correlate specific oil and gas asset maintenance activities to business outcomes in order to understand the effectiveness of maintenance strategies and identify reliability.

Our professionals are skilled and experienced in the following areas of expertise across the oil & gas value chain. We provide these service solutions to Connected Maintenance:

  1. Performance improvement
    Identify and define opportunities to improve maintenance program effectiveness, optimize maintenance spend, and improve reliability at the asset. Plan and implement programmatic changes that capture business value.
  2. Data Engineering Solutions
    Develop a robust operations data set that enables advanced analytics by connecting, cleansing, and enhancing existing disparate datasets.
  3. Data and Analytics
    Leverage KPMG Data and Analytics capabilities and tools to improve decision quality for corporate engineers, asset leaders, and asset engineers. Analyze maintenance data sets to identify opportunities to improve performance and optimize maintenance.
  4. Cross-Functional Solutions
    Partner with Corporate Strategy to conduct targeted performance improvement assessments that deliver value early to the client. Partner with Lighthouse to develop analytical data sets and enable business insights through advanced analytics and results visualization.

We look forward to speaking with you about developing and executing on strategies that will allow your business to improve your maintenance data quality and leverage data science techniques to make informed decisions.

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