Unleashing the positive in net zero

Real solutions for a sustainable and responsible future

At KPMG, we’re committed to accelerating the changes required to fight climate change, and fostering an environment of responsible choices within our organization and beyond. We seek to enable collaboration by harnessing KPMG firms’ convening power that helps to bring a diverse set of voices to the forefront of the climate debate. By empowering organizations with tools and approaches that can address their unique challenges and help drive real change, we can create a sustainable net zero future — because how you grow matters.


Voices for a sustainable future

Hear from climate change advocates around the world on what business leaders can do to accelerate to net zero.

Climate Insights: What’s the world saying about COP26?

Bringing climate change into view

Our Climate Insights platform allows you to join the climate discussion and explore the latest insights and trends from the news and social media around the climate debate. Whether it’s practical advice on decarbonization, green innovation or sustainable investments, this tool provides insight into on what’s being said around the world about COP26.


COP26 reflections: Implications for business

KPMG professionals reflect on the progress made during the climate change conference and provide insights on how to help accelerate toward net zero, together. 

KPMG ESG leader Rob Fisher talks COP26


"The word of the day has to be alignment—public-private sector and U.S. global alignment on standards, incentives and investments that work together to accelerate solutions across the globe. That’s the key."

—Rob Fisher, IMPACT and ESG National Leader, KPMG US

Our insights

The climate emergency presents complex problems that require collaboration and systemic action across geographies, sectors and generations. KPMG firms are ready to help you tackle them to realize a sustainable and responsible future, together. 


More insights from KPMG will be coming soon. Please check back for these and more:

Can capital markets save the planet?  

Closing the disconnect in ESG data in financial services

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