Voices for a sustainable future

Accelerate to net zero

Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher


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Hear from climate change advocates around the world on what business leaders can do to accelerate to net zero.

Voices for a sustainable future: Janine Guillot

The CEO of the Value Reporting Foundation, explains what the creation International Sustainability Standards Board means for business and investors.

Voices for a sustainable future: Claus Aagaard

Claus Aagaard, Mars Incorporated CFO, explains the imperative to treat sustainability like any other strategic business problem—not as a separate CSR initiative.


Voices for a sustainable future: Dr. Richard Mattison

Dr. Richard Mattison, President of S&P Global Sustainable1 discusses the role of data and the need for greater transparency and rigor in climate reporting.

Voices for a sustainable future: Gina Mastantuono

Gina Mastantuono Chief Financial Officer, ServiceNow, explains why an ESG strategy overseen by the CFO makes great business sense and the important role of technology.