The SEC climate-related proposal: What it means for your business

Go beyond compliance to tell your ESG story with data-driven insights and create value for your organization.

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) engagement to reduce and report your carbon footprint is a unique opportunity to respond to the demands of investors, customers, and employees to gain a competitive edge. The challenge: moving from ‘why’ to ‘how’ to turn ambitions into action.

We know from talking to CEOs that they do not view this as just a compliance exercise, but a unique opportunity to respond to the demands of investors, customers, and employees to unlock value and build trust.
Rob Fisher, KPMG US IMPACT Leader

The SEC’s proposed climate rules are extensive, resulting in companies rapidly needing to address climate-related risk and compliance leading to value creation.

Low SEC readiness


of companies feel very prepared for SEC ESG reporting1

Increased effort


of companies believe SEC reporting will require more effort than current ESG reporting1

Strong support for climate reporting


of almost 600 respondents in the public consultation period supported some form of SEC-mandated climate disclosures2

Sources: (1) KPMG LLP, “ESG Survey” (March 2022).  (2) KPMG LLP, “SEC proposes climate reporting and assurance rules” (March 2022).


Explore the business implications of the SEC proposal 

Assess your readiness for the proposed rule

Our SEC Climate Rule Diagnostic can help inform your entire climate journey to realize greater impact. It provides rapid insights on current compliance, quality, and maturity aligned to our framework.


SEC Climate Rule Diagnostic

Our diagnostic approach delivers rapid insights into your current reporting against the proposed 115+ unique SEC climate disclosures, providing an assessment of compliance readiness and disclosure quality.

Gather and align publicly available information

Early potential identification of disclosure gaps

Review and confirm initial disclosure gaps

Consolidate and prioritize recommendations




Identify the current state of your climate and sustainability initiatives. 

  • Maturity and materiality 
  • GHG inventory
  • Climate data
  • Climate risk and opportunity
  • Reporting readiness
  • Roadmap development

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Design and implement tangible initiatives for specific focus areas to realize value.

  • Target setting
  • Climate due diligence
  • Climate resilience
  • Reporting automation
  • Climate valuation and modeling
  • Governance
  • plus many other initiatives

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Issue consistent, comparable, and assurance-ready reporting.

  • Carbon accounting
  • Reporting
  • Climate disclosure
  • Assurance

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Change and program management