Strong sports deal market expected in 2023

Learn more from KPMG Sports Industry experts Paul Harris, Scott Purdy and Shawn Quill on the 2023 sports deal landscape and how KPMG can help prospective buyers and sellers.


Back in March, shockwaves rippled through the global sports landscape as news broke that Chelsea Football Club, one of the most successful soccer franchises in the world, was suddenly up for sale. Two months later, a consortium led by primary investor Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital purchased the club for a reported $5.4 billion, shattering the record for the purchase of a sports franchise.

While the figures may seem astronomical, sports team ownership continues to appeal to investors due to ongoing asset appreciation and new potential revenue streams. Increasing media and television rights, deregulation of sports betting and new opportunities for direct-to-consumer products offerings are generating more and more revenue for these franchises, supplementing traditional revenue streams like ticket sales and sponsorships which continue to be strong. These new streams also are enabling sports teams to learn more about their fans’ purchasing and consumption habits and extend their brand in ways that traditionally have not been available.

The opportunities to buy sports teams of such stature generally are few and far between. But as valuations continue to soar in a scarce marketplace, some owners are starting to entertain the idea of selling, which could pave the way for a blockbuster sports deal market in 2023.