Insights to help navigate uncertainty amid the Russia-Ukraine war

Organizations are grappling with a number of evolving complexities that pose operational and compliance challenges. We’ve compiled these resources to help you better understand how your business may be impacted.

Mitigating uncertainty and complying with sanctions

The impact of the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine is highly uncertain. Businesses must scenario plan to comply with sanctions, remain resilient and support their people and communities as risks develop and priorities shift.

KPMG is here to help companies understand potential business implications, so you can continue to support your customers, employees, and communities, while leading with your values.


We are continuously monitoring new developments and will update our resources in response to this ever-changing situation.

Impact of sanctions

The United States and other countries have imposed new sanctions and/or export controls on Russia, Belarus, and certain regions of Ukraine. Companies face heightened risk associated with sanctions compliance as well as the management of their correspondent banking relationships.


Potential accounting and financial reporting issues created by the war and related economic sanctions.

This Hot Topic highlights accounting and financial reporting considerations related to the Russia-Ukraine war, including the potential impact on disclosures, impairment, financial instruments, revenue recognition and more.


Regulatory alerts

Summary of recent regulatory developments and their impact on financial services firms.