Insights to help navigate uncertainty amid the Russia-Ukraine war

Organizations are grappling with a number of evolving complexities that pose operational and compliance challenges. We’ve compiled these resources to help you better understand how your business may be impacted.

Mitigating uncertainty and complying with sanctions

Businesses must scenario plan amid this uncertainty to comply with sanctions, remain resilient and support their people and communities as risks develop and priorities shift.

KPMG is here to help companies understand potential business implications, so you can continue to support your customers, employees, and communities, while leading with your values.


We are continuously monitoring new developments and will update our resources in response to this ever-changing situation.

Sanctions, prohibitions, virtual currency exchanges

Discussion of a "prominent darknet market” and a virtual currency exchange in an effort to disrupt Russian-based cyber crime and the use of virtual currencies to launder ransomware payments.

Global economic outlook: no respite

With such a prolonged period of uncertainty, economic forecasting is incredibly challenging, but identifying risks and focusing on resilience is an important way to plot our course.

Impacts on the industrial manufacturing sector

A discussion on supply chain sourcing strategies, the need to consider ESG and less resilience on fossil fuels, and scenario planning in automotive and defense sectors.

Impacts on consumer and retail businesses

As consumer and retail companies are trying to project potential short- and long-term impacts, we assess possible impacts in four key areas: consumer trust and confidence, supply chain, inflation, and cyber threats.

Immediate and long-term impacts on supply chains

Everything from wheat and oil to nickel and palladium have been disrupted and prices have soared. Transportation costs are spiking, too. We look at the short-term and long-term implications from the Russia-Ukraine war on supply-chain operations.

Russia-Ukraine war perspectives for C&R organizations

Insights to help C&R companies navigate uncertainty amid the crisis

Impact on the semiconductor industry

The Russia-Ukraine war has the potential to exacerbate semiconductor supply chain issues and the chip shortage that has impacted the industry for the past two years. Learn more.

Impact on the auto industry

Discussion on how component and likely parts shortages will affect production, and how rising costs could impact consumer demand. We look at the impact on suppliers and prices.

New sanctions, evasion coordination & cyber risks

The U.S. Treasury just imposed expanded sanctions on numerous Russian companies and individuals, and the Administration has heightened alerts for potential sanctions evasion, as well as cyber risk. Learn more about these new developments.

Cyber considerations from the Russia-Ukraine war

While there is significant uncertainty around the Russia-Ukraine war and associated actions, there are some things we all should consider as we evaluate our level of cyber security preparedness.

Economic analysis: the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war

The economic impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is being felt around the world. Here, we look at the impact on inflation, various sectors, trade and global communities.

Assessing crypto and digital asset risk

The recent Executive Order on crypto and digital assets highlights the importance of a multi-agency approach to overseeing and regulating this growing market. Learn what key actions financial services companies can take now to mitigate risks.

SEC proposes cybersecurity rules

Given a heightened awareness of cybersecurity preparedness, the SEC proposes increased disclosure of cybersecurity incidents, risk management, strategy and governance. The proposed rules are intended to provide transparency around a company’s exposure to cybersecurity risks and incidents.

Evolving sanctions landscape

Explore U.S. and global sanctions, potential methods of evasion, and actions companies can take to navigate challenges.

Impact of sanctions

The United States and other countries have imposed new sanctions and/or export controls on Russia, Belarus, and certain regions of Ukraine. Companies face heightened risk associated with sanctions compliance as well as the management of their correspondent banking relationships.

Graphic illustration

5 actions for sanctions and export-control teams

While sanctions and export controls are sweeping, learn how a methodical approach to managing them can help preserve compliance.

Financial services: Expanded regulatory attentions

Financial services companies are facing rapid and iterative OFAC sanctions and Administration executive orders. Regulators will expect companies to comply with the new requirements as well as monitor and mitigate compliance risks directly and via counterparties, and third parties.

Accounting and financial reporting impacts

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other nations’ responses to the ensuing Russia-Ukraine war may have a financial reporting impact on companies reporting under US GAAP.

“Red flag” efforts to circumvent sanctions

An outline to help financial institutions identify potential sanction evasions.

Regulatory alerts

Summary of recent regulatory developments and their impact on financial services firms.

A boardroom lens

Areas of focus for directors to consider.

Our Response

At KPMG US, we stand with and support the people of Ukraine, and all those who stand for peace in the region, condemning the violent attacks by the Russian government. In coordination with KPMG International, we continue to look for more ways our partners and professionals can help. Learn more here.

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