We know the power of ESG to transform your business. Our ESG solutions will help you harness it.

Unlock ESG opportunities to enhance trust, mitigate risk and create new value, starting now.

We know the power of ESG to transform your business. With KPMG ESG, we’ll show you how to enhance trust, mitigate risk and unlock new value as you build a sustainable future.

KPMG ESG solutions are both holistic and practical. With capabilities that span the enterprise, we’ll guide your teams to drive sustainable innovation across your business and help you gain a competitive edge. With deep multidiscipline expertise across critical issues—including decarbonization, reporting, sustainable finance, and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)—we’ll help you create the right blueprint for integrating ESG. A blueprint that simplifies your strategy, guides its full implementation, and lets you take the lead on ESG.

Providing the benefits of a multidiscipline approach, we go beyond strategy, working with you side-by-side at each step of your ESG transformation. With our industry-leading experience, data-driven technology, and global partnerships, you can turn insight into opportunity for your business, your people and our planet. Because how you grow matters. 


KPMG ESG solutions

With strategic insights into top ESG issues and a flexible framework, we’ll take a tailored, integrated approach to your ESG transformation. From strategy through implementation, we’ll help you create opportunities that drive sustainable growth and innovation, and build a resilient enterprise. 


ESG on issues: Benefit from deep ESG insights and experience 


ESG framework: Transform with the power of ESG

Assess and design your ESG strategy

Your business is unique. Your ESG strategy should be too. We’ll help tailor your strategy to the risks and ambitions of your business. With deep insight into your stakeholders, we’ll help you align your ESG and business strategies, and open up opportunities for innovation and new value creation.

Embed ESG across your operations

We’ll show you how to integrate ESG into your operating model, so you can drive measurable growth, starting today. With industry-leading experience and data-driven technology, we’ll help you activate—and accelerate—your ESG strategy across your workforce, supply chain, operations and infrastructure.

Measure progress and tell your ESG story

We’ll help you navigate ESG standards, metrics and ratings frameworks to deliver accurate disclosures. Effective measurement and reporting can drive operational progress, increase ROI on your ESG initiatives and unlock opportunity across your value chain.

Make future steps transformational

Every deal and transaction has ESG implications. We’ll help you understand them, so you can create opportunities for sustainable growth. Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, funding or partnership development, we’ll work with you to gain clear insights, so you can lead with purpose—and agility—across each transaction lifecycle.

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ESG terminology

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) The overall umbrella term for corporate ethical responsibility practices, particularly as it pertains to investor relations and expectations
Decarbonization The goal of decoupling an organization’s business model from carbon emissions and carbon-dependent energy
Renewable Energy An energy source which can be replenished naturally
Net Zero A state of operations achieved when the global warming impact (i.e. net emissions of greenhouse gases) across all scopes of an entity is zero
Carbon Credit A purchasable unit that represents the offsetting of 1 metric ton of CO2 equivalent
Carbon Incentives Carbon pricing and taxes are major policy instruments which leverage a “polluter pays” principle on emitters to internalize the social cost of carbon emissions
Disclosure Reporting In the US, ESG disclosures are voluntary, but have quickly become a baseline expectation of investors. This is primarily driven by institutional push from Blackrock, Bloomberg, Fidelity, Vanguard, and others, as well as the growing momentum of voluntary carbon markets.
GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Internationally recognized and broad framework of standards for reporting on sustainability; contains requirements, recommendations, and guidance on more than 900 sustainability topics
SASB (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board) A major sustainability framework used by 50 SASB alliance companies, with greater focus on industry-specific reporting standards and financially material issues
TCFD (Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) A set of recommendations to assist companies to better understand their carbon footprint and account for climate-related risks in their financial and mainstream disclosures
GHGP (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) An internationally credible methodology for calculating Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions which can be used in mandatory and voluntary reporting frameworks
CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) A major sustainability framework and scorecard for reporting emissions from 3 primary categories: climate change, water security, and forests
SBTI (Science-based Targets Initiative) An initiative that asks companies to set a "carbon neutrality" goal with a framework around the Paris Agreement, the science supporting 1.5 degree of global warming; there are limitations on of the kind of carbon offsets that can be used


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