KPMG IMPACT: Measure, report and assure ESG data

The third step in achieving your ESG imperatives

How do I prove my ESG impact?

To measure progress and tell your ESG story, first understand the different standards, metrics and ratings frameworks. Then, develop capabilities to measure the ROI of your ESG initiatives and provide accurate and fit-for-purpose disclosures and reporting. KPMG IMPACT provides a framework, solutions and services to propel you on your ESG journey. 

ESG measurement

Our services include:

ESG reporting

Our services include:
  • Sustainable tax and tax transparency
  • Assessment of internal controls over data gathering and reporting
  • ESG XBRL tagging
  • SASB, TCFD and GRI implementation
  • Pre-assurance of ESG data

ESG assurance

Our services include limited or reasonable assurance of:
  • GRI, SASB and TCFD reports
  • Sustainability bond use of proceeds
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Company developed key performance indicators (KPIs)


Are you creating long term value through sustainability reporting?

Developing and managing a strategy for reporting on ESG is critical to demonstrate credibility to all stakeholders, meet investor expectations, and lead among your peers.

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