KPMG ESG Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your company’s ESG maturity with our quick diagnostic assessment to enhance ESG across your enterprise.

Regardless of where you are on your ESG journey, understanding your ESG maturity is critical to developing a successful ESG program that creates value. Complete our ESG Maturity Assessment to evaluate the status of your ESG program across 5 dimensions:

  • Strategy and objective-setting
  • Governance and oversight
  • People and culture
  • Process and implementation
  • Communication and reporting

The assessment delivers rapid insights into areas for improvement in your ESG program and provides guidance and resources to help your organization mature.

Our ESG maturity assessment will provide you with:

  • A high-level overview of your overall ESG maturity and detailed summaries across 5 organizational dimensions
  • Tailored recommendations to mature based on your maturity rating in each dimension
  • Focused insights and thought leadership to guide your ESG journey



Click below to evaluate your ESG program, learn how to create value, and embed ESG across your enterprise. 

Assess your ESG maturity

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