Assess and design your ESG strategy

We’ll help tailor your strategy to the risks and ambitions of your business. 

Develop an ESG strategy 

We help organizations understand and baseline their current performance, set environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, evaluate both the financial and ESG impact of potential initiatives, and develop roadmaps for improved ESG financial value.

What is my ESG strategy? 

For more than two decades, companies have come under increasing pressure to incorporate ESG goals in their business. An increasing body of evidence indicates that companies can both do good and do well financially, which is contributing to a record number of companies setting out on their own “ESG journeys”.

Higher value


TSR for top quartile environmental performers globally


Savings on cash and carbon


of emission reduction at net zero cost in key sectors


Lower regulatory risks


EBIT margin for companies abating 55% of emissions1


Cheaper financing

-100 bp

WACC for top quartile environmental performers in Europe


Easier hiring and retention


of talent are attracted to sustainable companies 

Growing revenue pools


CAGR on sales for “green” product lines

Notes, sources, and definitions

Note: (1) Based on a €75/tCO2 price assumption for 2030

Source: EU announcements; NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business 

TSR = total shareholder return

EBIT = earnings before interest and taxes

WACC = weighted average cost of capital

bp = basis point

CAGR = compound annual growth rate

The first step in an ESG journey is to level set and develop your strategy. Begin by identifying your material ESG issues, measuring your current ESG (including climate/GHG) performance, and assessing your long-term exposure to climate risk.  Then, set ESG goals, assess the financial impact of achieving those goals, and develop a roadmap for improving ESG performance and embedding ESG into your operating model.

Our services include: 

  • ESG materiality and maturity assessment
  • GHG emissions baseline measurement
  • ESG performance and ratings benchmarking
  • Climate risk assessment
  • Cost-benefit analysis  
  • ESG target setting
  • ESG roadmap development
  • Reporting readiness assessment
  • ESG Value Creation


KPMG ESG Maturity Assessment

Understanding your current state is critical to developing an impactful ESG program. Our ESG Maturity Assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your ESG strategy and provides focused insights to guide your ESG journey.

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