KPMG IMPACT: Develop your ESG strategy

The first step in achieving your ESG imperatives

What is my ESG strategy? 

The first step in an ESG journey is to level set and develop your strategy. Begin by understanding and anticipating stakeholder expectations, identifying issues and assessing gaps, risks and opportunities. Then, integrate ESG into business strategy, develop mitigation/enhancement plans and ESG policies. KPMG IMPACT provides a framework, solutions and services to help you start your ESG journey. 

ESG strategy and program development

Our services include:
  • Gap analysis and diagnostic
  • ESG benchmarking
  • Materiality assessment
  • Value articulation and positioning

Climate strategy

Our services include:
  • Climate risk analysis and reporting 
  • Renewable energy and procurement strategy
  • Carbon accounting 
  • Net Zero roadmap and strategy
  • Circular economy
  • Carbon emissions offsets and trading
  • Scope 3 and supply chain
  • Regulatory analysis

Portfolio assessment and readiness

Our services include:
  • Data collection strategy and aggregation
  • Development of ESG policy
  • Economic and environmental impact of ESG policy

Risk strategy

Our services include:
  • Integrated Risk
  • Compliance
  • Risk governance
  • Anti-bribery and corruption

Tax strategy

Our services include:
  • Sustainable Tax Policy and Tax governance
  • Tax Transparency Reporting 
  • Tax incentives and credits (renewable energy, social impact, etc.)
  • Trade and Customs Advisement 
  • Carbon Tax Analysis
  • Economic environmental assessment

Social strategy

Our services include:



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