Legal Operations Transformation Services

Reimagine the legal function

Legal departments have an unprecedented opportunity to evolve their functions, transform their services and make a greater impact for their organizations.

Legal departments are operating in an environment with increased regulation, scrutiny, and pressures on costs, yet must maintain a clear focus on providing value and a more efficient approach to legal service delivery. In today’s environment, with the added impacts of COVID-19, the pressure to reimagine the legal operating model has become even more acute. Organizations are looking to their legal leaders to reduce costs, increase visibility and predictive capabilities, enhance risk and governance processes, and make data-driven decisions.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) professionals can support you in building a legal operating model that matches your business needs and aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives. Through the delivery of our well-established KPMG Legal Operations Transformation Services, we can help you build on your success to deliver even more efficiently today and prepare you to continue accelerating and excelling in an ever more complex future. Using tested methodologies, tools, and approaches designed specifically for the legal function, we can help you to drive change, delivering both tactical quick wins and strategic transformation.

KPMG can help you build a competitive advantage and create a better experience for your team, your organization, and your internal clients. We help in-house legal teams transform to more effectively achieve operational and business excellence. We look at the entire legal operating model to help your team refocus on the highest-value matters for your business. By looking at improvement opportunities across people, process, and technology, we help you enhance all three to add even more value—inside your organization and out.

Our approach is simple: modernize, simplify, and digitize. We can help you reinforce your legal team’s position as an integral adviser to your organization. Our Legal Operations Transformation Services professionals, whose experience is actively sought out, can help you to reduce risk, improve internal client experience, and drive economic outcomes for your business.

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Legal Operations Transformation Services Leads

Eric Gorman

Eric Gorman

Principal, Advisory Forensic, KPMG US

+1 312 665 1068
Kimberly Majure

Kimberly Majure

Principal, International Tax, KPMG US

+1 202-533-5270
Are you making the best use of technology to improve the impact and profile of your legal operations?
Legal departments are embracing data analytics as a strategic lever to measure and improve their performance. Learn more about how KPMG Legal Operations Transformation Services uses data analytics to help you deliver legal services better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

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