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Beyond gaming: The real metaverse opportunity

Reimagining how we engage and create value together

The metaverse is reshaping the way businesses and consumers engage, transact, socialize, and work. KPMG recently conducted a consumer survey to gather perspectives, expectations, and feelings towards metaverse participation. Explore key findings.

The metaverse is where the physical and virtual worlds connect

Like the internet, the metaverse is not a product or a single technology. It’s a gateway—a new way of interacting and a driver of transformation across economic and social spheres. And it’s here now.

The interconnected opportunities the metaverse offers are staggering, with implications on transactions, business models, security and knowledge across markets and sectors. Gartner predicts the longer-term revenue potential of the metaverse to be $30 trillion—nearly a third of the current global economy.


The next generation of the internet connects digital worlds with the physical. Interactions in the digital world will become more immersive, with better individual control over data. And our physical spaces will incorporate technology that will make our experiences across work, commerce and entertainment richer, more secure and more inclusive. We are excited to be a part of enabling such an evolution!
Cliff Justice, KPMG U.S. leader of Enterprise Innovation


Are you ready to step into the future? 

The metaverse has expanded from video games to offices, shopping centers and professional services. This rapidly evolving landscape brings bountiful opportunities. Start exploring. 

The evolution of human interaction

The metaverse will change your business. Understanding how will be key to long-term success.

The metaverse is here. And it’s a gateway to a world of new opportunity.

The metaverse is not a single technology but instead an evolution of physical and digital experiences: virtual worlds, currencies, tokens, digital assets, emerging technologies, and more.

Gamers have been playing in the metaverse for years in imaginary worlds, exchanging digital currencies and purchasing virtual goods.

The metaverse and Web3 are becoming a new driver of transformation in the workplace. Multinational technology companies and cloud-based software companies have embraced the metaverse experience, allowing people to explore, learn, and shop in ways that were impossible just a few years ago.

Now the metaverse is expanding far beyond the world of gaming and making its way into professional services with real implications on transactions, business models, security, and knowledge.

This rapidly changing landscape brings bountiful opportunities, but uncertainty, confusion, and risk can make the journey into the possible overwhelming.

Is your company prepared to move confidently into what Gartner predicts to be a 30 trillion-dollar metaverse market?

KPMG is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate and fully realize the opportunities that this digital transformation represents.

Imagine, attending a workshop that can be held in both a physical and virtual environment for increased engagement and interactivity.

The multiple assets produced within the session, including the design, data, interviews, and illustrations can be packaged together and delivered to the attendee as an NFT token.

That token can then be used as a secure and traceable access point to the deliverables built on the blockchain.

Finally, payments for services can be made in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

This is just one example of the innovative, interconnected opportunities the metaverse can bring.

Understanding how the metaverse, alongside Web3, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain will impact your business will be key to long-term success.

Companies that fail to evolve along with the opportunities that the metaverse provides will be left behind.

Let KPMG be your guide and advisor to the possibilities of the metaverse.


The confluence of disruptive technologies 

While it may seem early, many of the world’s largest companies are aligning around a shared vision of the metaverse running on top of a Web3 decentralized internet and powered by disruptive technologies like extended reality, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, digital assets and other emerging domains. 


We are seeing the evolution of the internet. Fifteen years ago, we wouldn’t have imagined today’s reliance on our smartphones. As the metaverse becomes mainstream, we’ll be able to move seamlessly from physical to virtual, from one world to next, all integrated into our day-to-day. This will bring challenges around cybersecurity, data privacy, inclusivity and emerging technology that we need to address today—for a better future.
Anu Puvvada, KPMG U.S. Managing Director, Enterprise Innovation

Cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology 

Once a new frontier maintained by a small group of early adopters and fintechs, increased activity and acceptance have led to a boom in digital assets, cryptocurrency, and blockchain services for both institutions and entrepreneurial startups.


KPMG: Leading the way into the metaverse

As the confluence of disruptive technologies starts to change how people work, learn and play on a global scale, there is also uncertainty, confusion and the sheer speed of change that can make entry seem overwhelming. We believe the metaverse is the key to staying ahead—that’s why we’re leading the industry.

We have already started supporting early adopters in deploying metaverse capabilities, incubating innovative offerings, and providing strategic and technical support across the metaverse ecosystem.

When people inhabit a common world together, that world becomes real. While the technology itself is still young, virtual worlds and the experiences they enable are no less meaningful. The metaverse is not just a new platform for interaction. It’s a true extension of our reality that will become increasingly seamless—and eventually indistinguishable.
Chris Corteen, Leader of the KPMG U.S. Metaverse R&D Team



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KPMG is uniquely positioned to help clients realize the opportunities this digital transformation represents. Our dedicated teams can provide you with the strategic and technical support to navigate the metaverse ecosystem, including metaverse design, engagement, use cases, cryptoassets, and broader Web3 integrations.