Define your direction


Business is changing fast. These evolutions won’t stop—in vector, velocity, or volume. Neither will stakeholder expectations of C-Suites. The relentless pressure to not only keep pace, but to forge ahead, will only continue to grow. When the paths to sustainable growth and profit are unclear, we help our clients turn seemingly impossible goals into objective reality.

Anticipate tomorrow

Stay ahead of disruption without losing growth or innovation momentum. With data-driven capabilities, you can embed crucial dimensions of your business model.

Deliver today

Adapting for tomorrow begins today. An optimized business model helps free up capital, boosts financial performance, and puts you in a position to strike at opportunities.

Be bold

Think beyond “same, but a little better.” We’re in the business of total transformation—strategy, transactions, data and analytics, technology, processes, and culture.


Learn and act from patterns of success to improve organizational performance 


Transformation is more than just a buzzword—it’s a powerful promise. When the conditions are uncharted, only a total and complete transformation can achieve sustained and substantial growth. KPMG sees this type of transformation as a process that is repeatable. Even though it’s risky, with only a quarter succeeding despite costly, complex, and time-intensive effort, we’ve been down this road before. We’ve analyzed the data behind those who were successful and those who failed.

Bold leaders know that to win, they need to welcome advanced analytical insights from their peers. That’s how you see impactful value realization. KPMG has identified the key drivers of successful transformation at major, leading companies. We’ve distilled them into an accelerated framework approach that helps enable you to make rapid, results-driven improvements to performance. Our approach tackles key aspects, providing value from the first step to the very last.



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Commercial Acceleration

  • Pricing & Promotion Strategy
  • Customer Profitability
  •  Product & Channel Strategy
  • Digital Commerce
  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

Margin Improvement

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Capex Planning

Cost Optimization

  • Direct Material Purchasing
  • Indirect Material Purchasing
  • Third Party Spend
  • G&A Costs
  • Distribution and Logistics


  • Operating Model Design
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Talent, Comp, Benefits
  • Process Efficiency & Demand Management 


Tax — Reimagined to drive new value and growth


The modern CFO knows that their Tax functions can be a strategic partner, one that shares the appetite for insight and practical means to achieve any vision. Tax operations present a unique opportunity for CFOs to uncover new value in sometimes familiar places, whether that’s the Tax organization itself, support teams within business units, or an entire enterprise. Nothing comes without a challenge—an unknown Tax compliance environment, high investment barriers for Tax technology, or competition for critical skill sets. But these are challenges that can be met. 

That’s where KPMG comes in. We help CFOs go beyond quick fixes. We help them rethink and retool their Tax operating models. We give them access to globally sourced and flexibly deployed KPMG talent. We show them how to leverage advanced Tax data, analytics, and technology, without prohibitive upfront capital expenditures costs. We integrate intelligent automation to give operational spend more legs. We sweat the small stuff so CFOs can focus on the big picture.




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Go beyond the obvious to deliver at the speed of your customer


Customer-centricity is key to surviving times of volatility and uncertainty. KPMG starts with targeted solutions powered by our full range of industry, functional, and business knowledge. We help our clients leverage data, both their own and outside, so that they can learn to balance investments, profit objectives, and CX expectations to pull far ahead of competitors. 



C-suites want practical answers to questions of unlocking the value of their most valuable assets, customer data. Our answer? Build digital commerce models. Articulate ROI-defined business cases to prompt investment while capturing new value. There’s never a one-size-fits all formula, and that’s not our goal. We create highly personalized, data-driven plans of action to help our clients embed customer impact and benefit into vital dimensions of operations.


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Accelerate value creation through mergers, acquisitions & divestitures 


Stiff competition. High valuations. In this environment, creating value through M&A is more of a challenge than ever. But leaders are not backing down—they’re shifting from defense to offense. They can see with clarity what is core to their business, the landscape of the markets today, and those that they want to be in tomorrow. They’re seeking advisors who can help them look through and beyond traditional synergies. Advisors who can find ways to leverage data and analytics while building capabilities to execute with intensity, speed, and purpose.

Companies that want to join these leaders know they need to up their game. At KPMG, that’s where our specialty lies. We’re here to combine our deep industry insight with data and acceleration tools so that future and aspiring leaders can realize long term value through their transactions. We’ll be with you every step of the way—from conceptualization until the value is reflected in your bottom line.




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