Capture the value of your contracts

Cognitive Contract Management from KPMG and Google Cloud.

Brad Fisher

Brad Fisher

Partner, Data & Analytics Lead, KPMG US

+1 212-909-5498

As part of its alliance with Google Cloud, KPMG leverages a broad suite of ML-powered tools and cognitive services that speed up integration, development, and deployment. Because Google Cloud is open by design, its APIs enable integrations to almost limitless platforms and channels.

The capabilities and benefits of Cognitive Contract Management (CCM)

Leveraging the ML capabilities of Google Cloud, KPMG’s CCM solution can be trained to handle any type of contract and can be customized to your specific objectives for extraction, comparison, and compliance. In fact, CCM has already been used to support leasing agreements, investment management agreements, commercial credit agreements, securities prospectus documents, services contracts, supplier contracts, and more. Its abilities include:

  • Reading contracts.
  • Understanding information.
  • Interpreting contracts.
  • Automating/Augmenting decisions. 

Extracting the value due from contracts is a chief concern of many executives. Today’s leading companies are already leveraging AI/ML and advanced analytics to automate or augment contract management and strengthen compliance. With KPMG’s CCM solution and Google Cloud, you too can improve the contract management process—reducing operational costs and freeing your team to work on strategic, not administrative, projects.


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