Microsoft | Licensing and permitting

Streamlined, online business solutions for regulatory agencies

KPMG provides a rich case management and workflow automation solution used by regulatory agencies to streamline the licensing and permitting processes that promote greater protection of the public. The solution includes a portal for licensees to self manage, track and renew their licenses and applications. It also includes a data repository that enables the public to view and learn about current licensees, as well as back-end capabilities that provide regulatory agencies with powerful organizational insights regarding compliance.

Through the portal, the general public can:

  • Complete an online pre-assessment checklist
  • Submit an application
  • Submit a complaint
  • Search the public register
  • Read the latest blogs and news

Regulatory agency administrators can:

  • Manage memberships, including suspending, revoking, and reinstating
  • Send automated notifications to members
  • Manage complaints
  • Make changes to the public register
  • Publish blog and news articles
  • Process fees
  • and more.