Supply chain transformation

Modernize and Integrate your Supply Chain – KPMG Powered Enterprise I Supply Chain enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Christopher Alagna

Christopher Alagna

Principal, Advisory, Platforms, KPMG US

+1 312-665-3984

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Supply Chain enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365:  KPMG offers this pre-configured technology solution that integrates warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution. It is designed to help you create a modern, integrated supply solution with better practice processes and built-in inter-operability. Designed to connect customers to supply, it’s driven by the insights you need to buy and make exactly what you need to help keep your customers satisfied. A pre-configured cloud solution, embedded with years of KPMG leading practice and enhanced with automation, Powered Supply Chain helps you to quickly transform and derive value from your move to the cloud.



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