Up and running to enhance the client experience

Launching our new Salesforce CRM system with immediate impact

Julia Abramovich

Julia Abramovich

Principal, Advisory, Advisory BDO, KPMG US

+1 617-988-1580

Right out of the starting blocks, the KPMG Engage platform began changing the sales culture at KPMG. This Salesforce-powered application is helping to deepen client relationships and enable all employees—not just the sales team—to better identify and respond to client needs.

As a runner myself, it feels like we’ve taken off the flip-flops and laced up our running shoes so we can unlock the power of our people and accelerate the pace of collaboration.

The first phase of this sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) system launched in December, but we’ve conducted testing and a soft launch with 1,700 users and have already seen progress. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  1. Enriched data differentiates client outcomes.
    KPMG Engage improves data quality and firm transparency, and it accelerates productivity. Key insights and actions from client meetings can be captured directly into the system while on the go, via mobile. We want everyone, regardless of rank or title, to enter data themselves to create an up-to-date and accurate database. Armed with real-time insights, we can become aware of other initiatives in the firm, connect the dots for our clients and serve them more effectively.

    We can also better help clients see around corners. For example, by being able to instantly access information on how our financial services clients are responding to a regulatory issue, we can share leading practices to clients across the sector and help them determine how best to respond.

  2. A robust CRM system can deepen relationships.
    By equipping our teams with the necessary insights, processes, and tools, we can enhance client relationship building, which lies at the heart of business development and sales. At KPMG, we’re not in business for the quick win. We want to build long-lasting relationships that improve our ability to be client-centric and deliver innovation.

    Account teams are eager to have visibility into activities and client touchpoints across functions and service groups. In so doing, we help our people enhance their client relationships and empower them to sell. That’s how we win big—by selling together.

  3. KPMG Engage enables closer collaboration.
    Using this new platform, we can increase cross-team visibility into early-stage opportunities. That allows us to determine the right team members or leaders—and even the right alliance partners—to bring into client discussions at the right time. This new system of work changes how we collaborate on go-to-market initiatives and brings the power of all of KPMG to bear on behalf of clients.

By paying attention to these lessons, we can provide greater value to our clients. We can improve individual client relationships, visibility, connectivity and collaboration across our teams. We know this transformation will be a marathon, not a sprint! But we are excited about it and each one of us can help execute our strategy and mindset to grow the firm and transform KPMG to provide better client experiences.


-- Julia Abramovich, Principal, Sales Leader, Advisory