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Prasanna Govindankutty

Prasanna Govindankutty

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

+1 212-954-2737

Create a resilient and trusted digital enterprise with cyber security services and technology from KPMG enabled by ServiceNow. By combining strategy, technology, and experience across the continuum—from the boardroom to the data center—we can help you anticipate better, move faster, and get an edge. No matter where you are in your cyber security journey, KPMG and ServiceNow can bring the capabilities you need to enhance resilience.

Identifying, managing, monitoring, and reporting on ever-evolving cyber risks and related regulatory exposure is foundational for any organization. KPMG helps you achieve your integrated risk goals through strategy and roadmap development, technology selection, implementation, and organization change management. Working closely with market-leading platforms in Integrated Risk Management (IRM/GRC) platforms, KPMG supports managing security policies, controls, risks, business continuity, vulnerabilities, and incident response processes using GRC platforms like ServiceNow and related integrations.

Through deeper insights into data collection, storage, and management, organizations can more effectively protect data in a risk-informed manner. KPMG enables organizations to leverage data securely, while also meeting consumer and regulatory privacy expectations. We automate key components of your privacy program and help maximize the value of any existing ServiceNow technology investments. Our integrated approach to data privacy will help your organization gain an accurate understanding of the data used by applications, devices, business processes, and third-party organizations, allowing you to more effectively protect data with a goal of increasing customer trust.

With the security threat landscape evolving rapidly, cyber professionals face an alarming set of new vulnerabilities, especially in third-party security. The changing business and technology landscape applies pressure on third-party programs. KPMG has developed an integrated capability portfolio, enabled by ServiceNow that enables a more proactive approach to third-party security, using technology-enabled innovations to cut costs.


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